BAD COMPANY: Banda relança dois primeiros álbuns!

Os dois primeiros discos do Bad Company estão sendo relançados. Cada álbum traz um CD bônus com registros inéditos. 

Bad Company (1974)
Disco 1
“Can’t Get Enough”
“Rock Steady”
“Ready For Love”
“Don’t Let Me Down”
“Bad Company”
“The Way I Choose”
“Movin’ On”

Disco 2
“Can’t Get Enough” (Take 1)*
“Little Miss Fortune” (Demo Reel 1)*
“The Way I Choose” (Demo Reel 1)*
“Bad Company” (LMS Studio Reel 2-73 Session)*
“The Way I Choose” (Version 1 Inc. F/S)
“Easy On My Soul” (Long Version)
“Bad Company” (LMS Studio Reel 8-73 Session)*
Studio Chat/Dialogue
“Superstar Woman” (Long Version)*
“Can’t Get Enough” (Single Edit)
“Little Miss Fortune” (B-side of “Can’t Get Enough”)*
“Easy On My Soul” (B-side of “Movin’ On”)*

Straight Shooter (1975)
Disco 1
“Good Lovin’ Gone Bad”
“Feel Like Makin’ Love”
“Weep No More”
“Shooting Star”
“Deal With The Preacher”
“Wild Fire Woman”
“Call On Me”

Disco 2
“Good Lovin’ Gone Bad” (Alternate Vocal & Guitar)*
“Feel Like Makin’ Love” (Take Before Master)*
“Weep No More” (Early Slow Version)*
“Shooting Star” (Alternate Take)*
“Deal With The Preacher” (Early Version)*
“Anna” (Alternate Vocal)*
“Call On Me” (Alternate Take)*
“Easy On My Soul” (Slow Version)
“Whiskey Bottle” (Early Slow Version)
“See the Sunlight”
“All Night Long”
“Wild Fire Woman” (Alternate Vocal & Guitar)*
“Feel Like Makin’ Love” (Harmonica Version)
“Whiskey Bottle” (B-side of “Good Lovin’ Gone Bad” )

* = exclusivas da versão deluxe LP